Thursday, August 11, 2011


So apparently I'm in a teal buying mode. I'm still loving the color of my yarn for my Cowl "teal-ish" and I bought these shoes at Marshall's the other day. THey're almost the exact same color! So I'll look color coordinated while knitting. Hey I try.
I found a song that makes me wish Brendan and I were going to have a first dance. It's called Kentish Town Waltz by Imelda May. It's so awesome. The chorus:

and we stuck with each other with all our might, we pulled it together and held real tight,
And I'm glad for us, I'm glad mo chroi but it's nothing to anyone except you and me
There were wrongs for every right, there's ups and theres downs
But you're the one for all my life, my true love I have found, yeah you my love I found

Alas, Brendan and I dancing = pointing and snickering by everyone around. I'll pass on that.

In other news my new girl crush is Olivia Wilde.
I want her skin. I WANT IT. I went to a dermotologist for the first time and she gave me prescription for $800 worth of creams that good ol WalMart got me for $20. SCORE. So in my head by the end of this I will have skin like hers. Yes I realize that might be completely not possible, but do I look like I care dammit? I WANT HER SKIN. Ooh I really like this pic of her. It's very English looking. Like she should go jump on a horse in the English countryside.

And lastly, I miss David Tennant. So I'm starting to rewatch all the old Who's with him in them. I just bought the Martha season. Even thought I hate Martha, I broke down and bought it jsut so I could own all the David ones. Have I mentioned that I'm HEARTBROKEN that Much Ado About Nothing starring him and Catherine Tate is ending it's run in london just like TWO WEEKS before I get there???? SADNESS!!!!!!!!
That's all for now!

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