Wednesday, September 15, 2010

100 Monkeys

I'm a big 100 Monkeys fan, best band you haven't heard of. One of the band members, Jackson Rathbone was featured in a digital magazine this month and could he BE anymore adorable? Anyway, there's a chance to win a guitar by posting about it on your blog, so here it is! I knew there was a good reason for starting this blog! Yes! Now win me a guitar!!! :-)

We have blogging lift off!

Well looks like I'm official! I'm a blogger! Wooo!
The most exciting thing to happen recently is the birth of Rocksy's puppies! They were born sept. 9 and they're all healthy and adorable. Three boys and one girl. We're calling them: Leonardo, michaelangelo, Raphael and donatella! Since their mom and uncle are named after teenage mutant ninja turtle characters we thought we'd carry the tradition!

Test picture

Testing the picture sending capabilities on mail2blogger

Test blog

I'm trying a test email blog to see how this works. Also attempting to add a picture of the new puppies in the next message! Wish me luck!

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