Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh yea........ Resolutions

Okay, so I totally spaced out on making resolutions. So with about 4 1/2 hours to go I better figure some out. Well since I'm getting married in Sept, obviously fitting into that wedding dress is numero uno priority. I'd like to love 20-30 lbs. I've got about 8 months to do it, so it's won't be Easy but it's not impossible. I'd also like to run my May 5K in under 30 minutes. Find a good job. Keep my books organized and read at least 50 books in 2011. I think those are achievable and do able, so I'm going to leave it at that.

Heaven sent eye liner

Ohhhhh my. I bought this on a whim from the MAC counter. It's the Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapidblack. It's sort of like a marker, has a solid tip and is inky black. I tend to love the retro black lined eye look and this makes it SO easy. Its easy to make it a thickish line for that look or to male it thin for a more subtle look.
I'm in love.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas gift cards rule

I love shiseido products! And the girl that works at the counter in macys palm desert is simply awesome. She's really sweet, does beautiful makeup and has a great memory. She asked how wedding planning was coming! Anyway, got $50 gift card and ran right over. I wanted an eyelash curler and something new. She sat me down to play with colors and did a beautiful bronzey eye on me. She popped on some pink blush and I was amazed. I'm always wary of blush, but this color is so pretty! And I got a free awesome little bag! It's perfect sized.
So now I'm on a makeup kick. I've always loved makeup but working from home and being unemployed don't really lend a lot of opportunities to wear it. But poopy on that, I'm going to wear it all and love it! Hooray!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Books and Job Hunting

I like Urban fantasy and paranormal romance books. There I said it. I usually try to hide the fact that I read these since it sounds so cheesy. With the popularity of Twilight and numerous other paranormal movies and such, it's like a cool hipster kid thing to like this stuff. I am not a cool hipster kid. The upside to this is that due to the popularity there's definitely more books out now then there used to be. When I was younger the sci fi fantasy section was full of mostly masculine stuff and spacey stype books. I love all the strong female leads that the new UF/PR books have. Granted there are plenty of craptastic books out there, but the series I'm in love with are awesome. Which leads to why I'm writing about this. The new Cat and Bones books comes out in two months! I absolutely love the Night Huntress series, Cat and Bones are my favorite characters of all time. I can re read these books often and never be tired of them! I'm a newish redhead to so I secretly like to image myself as Cat. Okay well now that's not a secret. Oh well. Good thing no one reads this haha
In other news, job hunting is rough. I really wanted this one job as an office manager. They wanted accounting background, so I figured it would be great considering that's what I'm studying in school. I'd love to work in an office again, stay busy, help people. But I haven't heard back from them. And when I was waiting for my interview, the owner guy walked out a girl and showed her the office and back room. He didn't show me any of that stuff. I'll still keep my fingers crossed but I'm also still looking for other work. It's rough in this economy, there just isn't much out there! Makes me miss Bargain Network :-)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

School, work and whaaaaa?

Ugh. Finals are over, I did pretty good in my classes, 3.533 GPA. School doesn't start again until the end of Jan. I've been looking for a job too. It's really difficult. I had a second interview today and should be having another one in the next few days. I don't know if I"ll get it. The guy today seemed nice but it's still nerve wracking to just hope someone likes you enough to hire you. There was another girl in there before me and I don't know if she was there for the same job but I think she was. On their way out he showed her the office and a back area that he didn't show me, so I don't know, maybe they already made a decision? Who knows, I'm trying not to dwell on that.
Had Christmas with my family, it was awesome, but it makes me sad to be so far from them. Street fair tonight and then Brendan has the next two days off so we'll spend christmas together :-)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So lonely

Raphael went to his new home last Thursday. It's kind if pitiful how much I miss the little guy. The house is quieter now, less poops randomly around, and less cuddles from the most mellow lover boy dog ever. He is living in Michigan now. I sent him off with a sleeping bag I made for him and his new parents said he loves to be in it to keep warm so at least he has a little if me out there in the mitten state.
For me: back to studying for finals. I can't wait for this to be over. I need a break!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

A Grand Adventure

While B and I travelled to northern California for thanksgiving we had plenty of time to chat in the car. A good 9 hours of chatting just on the trip up :-) Luckily we also don't mind being quiet. But anyway, I told Brendan that we should move somewhere cool for a year. He said he thought that would be great but didn't think I would ever want to. When I asked why he replied that he didn't think I'd want to be far from my family. Which is totally true, I do have a hard time imagining being really far from my family but the more we talked about it, the more I really really want to do it. Obviously it won't be for a while, with the wedding and school and all. But I mean, B has amazing skills and I'm sure could get a job anywhere and I can do really anything, retail, serve, whatever. We could live in a small flat, learn to live leaner, just enjoy being in a new place, without a ginormous TV and a million computers and all the other CRAP we have. It makes me want to start getting rid of like everything we own. A yard sale might be in our future. England, Scotland, Ireland, hopefully somewhere english speaking but I'm up for learning a new language too. I hope this isn't just some lame pipe dream. Man this would be so cool. You only live once right, might as well get out there and LIVE IT

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thank goodness for you tube

I've started a new project. This is for my niece for christmas. I found a pattern for it was to be knit flat then seamed up. I decided to be brave and knit it in the round. I learned to knit bobbles today. I watched some videos on you tube and although some of them are wonky. My niece is four, I don't think shell mind!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Super secret project

The time has come. I finished knitting my nieces sweater. Finally. This has been an insanely long project that has tested my limits both my knitting limits and my mental limits. But tomorrow is her bday party and I'm going to give it to her. And I'm nervous. I'm praying she likes it!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

strange small towns and a sickness.

I never get sick. But apparently I've upset the powers that be and I'm sick. So ridiculous. Yesterday when I told B I wasn't feeling good and was going to lay down, he actually didn't believe me. He said in all the time we've been together (it'll be 7 years next month) I've never seen you sick. When was the last time you were really sick? I had to stop and think. And I couldn't remember. I have memories of being sick, like in Jr high having a fever the day before a Disneyland trip or having a stomach bug, but those were all over a decade ago. Which would be great except that I'm sick now! So apparently whatever mutant healing powers I had (just call me Wolverine, thank you very much) have gone on a little vacation. And I feel completely justified in whining about it.
In other news, Brendan and I took a drive the other day. To Pioneertown! It's an old movie set/town up in the Yucca Valley area. It's kind of a trip, people live in these little funny houses.

Also, I've finished my super secret project number one. Well not really. I need to sew in a few more ends and block it today. Good thing since I'm driving up to my sisters tomorrow to give it as a present. My niece is turning four! Time just flies. The funny thing is that I remember when she was just a newborn and thinking aww she's so little, bummer that she'll probably be too small to be in my wedding whenever I get engaged. Add four years and I'm finally engaged and Ava will almost be 5 by the time we get married. HA

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shoot me.

Ugh. I have now partially frogged this project 5 times. FIVE. I don't know why I just can't seem to get this right. It supposed to be a Christmas project. I thought maybe I'd just say screw it but now I'm angry and just want to finish it!!! Arr. Will I ever just be able to do a project without royally fuckig it up? Knitting frustration today. But onward I go, dammit. Onward.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I'm not a crocheter. Heck I'm BARELY a knitter. But when I saw this crochet doily dress, it made me want to go out an LEARN. I am IN LOVE with this dress. I LOVE the green underneath. Green is probably my favorite color, if our wedding had been in the summer or spring I would've TOTALLY picked a green color scheme. Anyway, anyone want to crochet me this doily overlay thing??? I would love to wear something like this, hell ANYWHERE. Maybe for the rehearsal dinner? I think learning to crochet will be on my new years resolutions for next year. Add it to my bag of tricks.
Meanwhile, I'll drool over this dress.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wedding Planning = Brain Hurts

I'm very excited to get married. let's just put that out there. After almost 7 years now with B, I'm really super duper stoked that we're getting married. And I'm excited for the wedding too. Family, music, food, it's gonna be awesome. Paying for it....... not so much. I know the average wedding is something like $25,000. I can't even wrap my head around that, I kind of always thought my wedding would be like around $10K. As I'm doing research and looking into prices, that price is starting to look low. I love's little budget helper doodlybob. You punch in your budget and guest total and it breaks it down where your precious moolah should go. I put in $10,000 and first thing is I apparently over spent on my venue.
Not that the Victorian Conrow Pitkin House isn't worth it (I love it and am ok with the decision) but that for my budget, we spent too much. First oops. And my dress that I was so stoked to get a deal on (40% off), yep over budget there too (only by $100 but still). Luckily we're DIYing as much as we possibly can so that will alter the budget a bit. I'm pretty sure food isn't going to be $3000. My best friends dad is BBQ Santa Maria Style and I think he said less that $10 per person. Sa-Weeeeet.
I think I just have been poor lately and the idea of saving for this wedding seems very daunting. And that B's parents are having a hard time booking the honeymoon because the place isn't finished being built I guess so whatever. Brain Hurts, Brain Hurts. Kind of like brain farts, except painful instead of funny. My stress shakes have returned in both my hand and leg. I need to just take it one day at a time and chill. riiiiiiiiight.

Joy of my heart

I went to Disneyland today with my amber and her son mason. Just a quick trip, but it was pretty awesome. We got to go on a lot of good rides with very little waits! And I got to do some shopping, my nieces bday is dine and even got a Christmas present out of the way. But the best thing I bought was this:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thank god for ikea

I went to LA yesterday to visit with my friend Lei. She's a flight attendant and had a layover so I drove out and we just hung out. She's one of those friends that we haven't seen each other in actually like a year or two but as soon as we were together it's like we've been hanging out all the time. It's so natural. After all the wedding hubaloo is done I think we'll have to plan a Hawaii trip!
Anyway, on my way home I had to stop at Ikea. I always buy my towels there for embroidery and I usually stop at the Burbank one but my GPS said the Carson one was closer so I went there. And proceeded to get lost. Not lost GETTING to ikea, but lost IN ikea. It's 3 story and a totally different layout then my usual ikea. So I wandered a while and finally found my way down to the stuff I needed. I got my workout for the day in all my walking!
Halloween was super fun! Our party was fun, our friends came and hung out, I made some fun treats and our costumes turned out okay! I went with some friends to the zoo with their kids to do to halloween thing there which was awesome. We didn't have as many trick or treaters as I had hoped but such is life. Now my heart hurts to put away all my halloween decorations. I can leave up all the pumpkin stuff through Thanksgiving but I'm still in denial that's it's actually November. Time flies.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hawaiian invasion!

I got to see my Lei today!! She flew in to la for the day. I miss her.
Makes me wish I was a flight attendant! Her job seems so fun! We need to take a Hawaiian vacation soon :-)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


The good news is that I'm in a slightly better mood today! ha
Today was the last day of my 8 week running class. We did the timed mile and some other tests like plank, pull ups and pushups. I went from a 10:09 mile to a 9:20! I didn't even realize I was getting faster! I'm taking the class again (starts next week) so I'll make it my goal to run an under 9 min mile. I also held the plank for 3 minutes, the only girl to do so! Booya!
Halloween is coming soon! I have two different events and two different costumes! Bunco is this week and I have to be an food/edible related costume. Everyone expects me to be crafty so I've come up with a few ideas. Tomorrow is costume making day so we'll see what I can find and how it'll come together. Next week I'll be making Brendan and I's costumes for our party on the 30th. I've gotten a couple RSVP's so I don't have to do that stressful "no one is coming, I don't have any friends and I'm a loser" thing. I need to figure out the snacks and rest of decorations for the house too. And see if my fog machine still works! :-)
The niece's birthday is in three weeks. I'm almost done with the present and ordered the other one so I'm good on that front. I'm starting to think about my Christmas list and what I can make everyone. Depending on money saving, I'd really like to get Brendan an iPad for christmas, we'll see how that goes.
Random picture time. Cruzin for life:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My head hurts and I'm getting stress shakes. Stupid weird nerve thing.
Money is always the biggest stressor, then there's this wedding to worry about, school and my little business. And working out all the time. I'm not even sleeping well!
And HALLOWEEN! So not ready. Need to make Brendan and my costumes like ASAP. or like next week. sucks that I don't have any money and will be trying to make them out of stuff I already have. Hopefully it won't suck. and I had the bright idea to have a party. Greeeaaaaaat.
Wow, enough bitching. I'm healthy (ish), well loved, and have been knitting more (trying) so I should just shut up. Life can always be worse.
Now I need to go to bed. Tomorrow will be a better day! Maybe i'll have another awesome dream about working at Best buy with Jackson again. Yes!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Super Secret Knitting Mission

SOOOOOO, I have lots of yarn. Not as much as friend Raime, but when you take into account how much fabric I also have taking up closet space, I have lots of yarn. So I'm trying to use it all! I don't want to buy anymore until I actually start making stuff anf using it. Since the weather should be cooling soon (someday, one day), I can get back to knitting more regularly.
Oh and christmas is coming. duh.
So I decided I needed something to take to school with me, something smaller then my other current project, so I started a christmas present for someone. It's a challenging project but I think I'll be able to do it. Hopefully in time for christmas. But I'm not going to tell you who it's for or what it is. Because I'm sneaky like that. HA
In other news, they're slurry sealing the street today. So it's gonna stink. And I have to walk a block to get to my car. Wow I sound lazy. And I just realized I need to go to Joanns to pick up some bobbin thread, so I guess I'll be forced to walk that block. poopy.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Engagement Party

Bronwyn and Evan threw us an engagement party yesterday. It was AWESOME! She really went above what I imagined and it was super fun party. Olive Garden, cake balls and some of my favorite people in the world all in one place!
It's still kind of weird to think about the wedding in like real life. I mean I think about it often, but it's almost like an abstract notion. Something that will only happen in my dreams. But then things happen that remind me that I will actually be Mrs. Thielman in less than a year. Wowzers. So odd! Today I was told that we would make beautiful babies, so that's a good sign haha
In other news, I'm almost finished with the secret project. I won't mention what it actually is for fear of someone reading and figuring it out, but it's been the bane of my existence for a few months now. I have to have it totally done in 3 weeks so I need to get on it! After that I'm going to try to make some christmas presents. Hopefully I can do it, I'm not supposed to be buying anymore yarn so I'll have to build projects around the yarn I have. And hopefully not have too much homework and actually have some time to knit.
The puppies are awesome, walking around and playing! They're so cute! I need to start actually putting the word out there and finding homes for them now!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

100 Monkeys

I'm a big 100 Monkeys fan, best band you haven't heard of. One of the band members, Jackson Rathbone was featured in a digital magazine this month and could he BE anymore adorable? Anyway, there's a chance to win a guitar by posting about it on your blog, so here it is! I knew there was a good reason for starting this blog! Yes! Now win me a guitar!!! :-)

We have blogging lift off!

Well looks like I'm official! I'm a blogger! Wooo!
The most exciting thing to happen recently is the birth of Rocksy's puppies! They were born sept. 9 and they're all healthy and adorable. Three boys and one girl. We're calling them: Leonardo, michaelangelo, Raphael and donatella! Since their mom and uncle are named after teenage mutant ninja turtle characters we thought we'd carry the tradition!

Test picture

Testing the picture sending capabilities on mail2blogger

Test blog

I'm trying a test email blog to see how this works. Also attempting to add a picture of the new puppies in the next message! Wish me luck!

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