Monday, May 23, 2011

Monkey Regeneriziation

Is regenerization a word? It should be. That's I feel :-) Monkey REgenerized! So I did it again. One of those 25 hour days. Up a little before 4, went to an event with Audrey in San Dimas, hung out with Audrey and off to see the Monkeys in LA at the El Rey Theater. Met up with my Monkey Homies, Gloria and Holly and met Misty. We posted up in a good spot and stayed there the whole night. BEST SHOW EVER. I swear, this show was amazing. They played a TON of songs, I'm SUPER stoekd for their new album next month. I took a ton of pics, here's some of my fave Jackson ones. And Nikki Reed!

Anyway, makes me want to play music. I wish I had time to play again. Oh well.
School is out this week! I have three finals and Wednesday night is my last one! I've got so much shit going on this summer it's not even funny but it'll be nice to have evenings off again. Come Fll Semester I think I'm only taking the one accounting class, because I don't want to miss a bunch because of the wedding and honeymoon.
This summer, I want to knit more, run more and sew more! That's the plan!
oh and I already bought my tickets to see the 100 monkeys in Aug :-) Twice.