Monday, June 13, 2011

NO Drama Dammit

I refuse drama. I REJECT it! I will not have it in my wedding. So when a recent series of events went down I Had to stick to my guns and give Drama the boot.
Being who I am, and having gone through all that I have, it's really hard for me to see people veering down a bad path. I see the beginning twinkles of it, worry but generally let people live, because I know as well as any that attempts to right them are futile. And then something happens. And it did. With no excuse or reasoning, only defensivness and table turning, there was nothing for me to do. I tried to put it all out there and got slapped in the face with a big bowl of "It's your fault, you should've.." She was slated to be in my wedding and had so far done nothing, not even get excited for me. So I'm done. I hope and pray that she gets it together and moves up and onward, but I can't get sucked back into old lifestyle and old behavior. I've come too far. So, I have a new bridesmaid in my wedding and I'm honestly BEYOND excited. I think my wedding party are some of the most amazing rad fun people I know. My new bridesmaid is literally like a twin sister I didn't know I had. I laugh more with her then I even thought was possible.
And so life goes on. Work, wedding planning, stressing about business, enjoying moments with loved ones and just trying to smile and be happy whenever I can.